Adult Diapers & Briefs

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  • Adult diapers with tabs serve as a reliable source of protection from leakage.
  • These diaper-style briefs boast a waterproof backing.
  • Comes in a choice of either a plastic (poly) or cloth-like material.
  • The tabs on these briefs can be refastened, making them easily adjustable and allowing for easy changes when necessary.

Shield HealthCare carries name brand products by Prevail, Attends, Depend, Kendall, Tranquility, and many more. Our best-selling products include Prevail Per-Fit Extra Adult Underwear, Prevail Maximum Super Plus Underwear, Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear for Men, Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear for Women, Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear, Attends Extended Wear Adult Briefs, and more.

These tab-style, disposable briefs are the best choice for heavy absorbency. Also, they are the preferred option if the user needs to be changed in bed by a caregiver. Many diapers are made for unisex use. However, we also carry male and female specific products as well.

Brands Carried:

Prevail, Secure Personal Care, Attends, Depend, Kendall, Tranquility